Why Summer Can Be a Great Time To List Your Home

Everyone knows spring tends to be the real estate “busy season” but that doesn’t mean that you are too late to list your home now that we are coming into summer. Summer can be a great time to list, specifically in the greater Ottawa area. Buyers purchase homes year round and there are certainly  advantages to listing your home in the summer. Here are 6 reasons why summer is the perfect time to sell your home:

1.Active Buyers are More Serious.

Although there may not be as many buyers in the summer, active buyers tend to be more serious when shopping for a home in the summer months. Those looking don’t tend to be following the spring market trend and are looking because they are serious about moving. This may be because of a tax return received in late spring or simply because the weather is far more pleasant. For buyers with children, their goal is to settle in before their children start school in the fall.

2. Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is an easy and efficient way to boost the value of your home without having to do all that much. Summer means flowers are in bloom, trees are full of leaves and lawns are both lush and green. Additional steps can be taken, such as adding flowerbeds or trimming bushes, to ensure your home’s curb appeal is maximized.

3. School’s Out

Families with children prefer to move in the summer to ensure that the academic year isn’t interrupted by the hustle and bustle of moving. Plus, everyone knows changing schools can be a challenge, especially if it’s in the middle of the semester. Moving in the summer allows children to adjust to their new surroundings before school resumes in the fall. Moving in the summer also allows parents to pack and organize without the added stress of their child’s academic success.

4. Warmer Weather

Moving in the winter can be much more of a hassle because of frigid weather. Lugging boxes and furniture through the slush and snow is avoided by most buyers. Viewing homes in the summer months also makes visualizing your own belongings and daily activities easier. It’s easier for buyers to appreciate the house they are viewing when they’re not influenced by the weather.

5. More Time to Focus on Renovations & The Sale

Summer has the most long weekends. An extra day off means more time to allocate to all the little renovations you’ve been putting off. These small touch ups, like a new coat of paint or repairing the crack in your garage window, may seem like small improvements but they have the power to influence the resale value of your home. Just like renovations, the actual sale of your home takes time. Preparing for viewings can be less stressful when you have more time to prepare.

6. Low Housing Inventory

The housing market has been exceptionally busy this spring and based on the stats it doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.  As the inventory of resale homes in Ottawa remains low, it continues to be a seller’s market. If fewer properties are on the market buyers have fewer options, which means that sellers have the upper hand.

With the countless benefits that come from listing your home in the summer, there is no better time to sell. Contact us today to see how Royal LePage Team Realty can help you!


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