Ottawa’s Most “Luxurious” Neighbourhoods

Ottawa’s neighbourhoods are diverse and most offer something for everyone. If you are looking for luxury, it’s all around us with little pockets throughout the city. Large lot sizes in rural areas and even within the city allow for beautiful large custom homes and these opportunities are popping up everywhere! Below you will find a list of some of Ottawa’s most “luxurious” neighbourhoods but it’s also important to remember that just like there are luxury homes all over, there are more moderately priced opportunities to own in these neighbourhoods as well. Each of these neighbourhoods offer unique opportunities and homes. It’s important to work with your agent to ensure that you find the right property, no matter what you are looking for!

Rockcliffe Park

Close to the center of the city, Rockcliffe Park is one of Ottawa’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. The area is zoned as a Heritage Conservation District which will ensure that its charm is maintained for years to come. The community is made up of primarily large and opulent 19th Century residences on large properties. The area is also home to a variety of political residences including the Governor General’s residence and Stornoway, the residence for the leader of the opposition. In 2016, the population of Rockcliffe Park was 1932 people and the benchmark price for a single family home in August 2017 was just over $1.5M.

Cedarhill Estate

Located directly adjacent to Barrhaven, Cedarhill is an enclave of stunning luxury homes in Ottawa’s west end. It is comprised of approximately 100 custom built homes, all sitting on 1 acre lots and it was established in 1979. The area has a strong community association who ensure community flower beds and common areas are maintained. Homes in this neighbourhood can be some of the priciest in the entire city!


Manotick is a larger community of almost 5000 people located in the city’s south-west end. Property values are high in comparison to other parts of the city but there are a variety of options outside of the luxury market as well. Manotick is home to some of the city’s most stunning luxury homes, specifically along the Rideau River. With a combination of large old historical homes and new modern mansions, there is something for everyone.


Up until the turn of the century, Westboro was largely an industrial neighbourhood but given it’s proximity to the city’s core and the significant gentrification that has occurred, Westboro has become a hub for luxury and style. With high end boutiques, new condos, and trendy restaurants now lining Richmond Road, Westboro homes have seen a significant increase in value. Most homes in the area were built between 1900 and 1970 but more and more infill properties are popping up as the lot sizes can be large in some parts of this area. 71% of the houses are detached. With a total population of over 22,000, this area continues to grow year over year!

These are just a few of some of Ottawa’s more luxurious areas but there are lots of opportunities for luxury in most areas of the city. To see what’s available in your area, contact me.

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